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           "I would teach children music, physics and philosophy; but most importantly music, for in the patterns of music and all the arts are the keys to learning." -Plato


Who is Jessica Lutzak?

Jessica Lutzak is a private RMT (Registered Music Teacher) who began her musical journey at a very young age, starting with piano lessons. Her love of singing also grew through many years as a soprano in respected local choirs and touring choirs (Calgary Children's Choir and Calgary Girls Choir), as well as singing lead roles in her junior high and high school's Musical Theatre productions. Jessica began taking private voice lessons in Calgary, which started her in the direction of a career in music. She attained her Music Performance Diploma through Mount Royal University (then, College), as well as 2 years in UBC's Opera Performance Program in Vancouver, BC. After an unfortunate bout of severe illness, Jessica's passion for singing and teaching voice remained strong, and she achieved the Teacher's ARCT (voice) in 2012, with first class honors through the Royal Conservatory of Music. Jessica has been the proud Vocal Coach for the Calgary Children's Choir, and various local school choirs. She has performed with the Calgary Opera Chorus,  and remains active in the performing community through: recitals; as a soloist and event singer; volunteering her talents for various causes; and as an avid supporter of local arts events. Her students can be seen and heard around town in local choirs and choruses, large-scale musicals, music festivals and events, talent shows, fundraisers and volunteer causes. Jessica's students are regularly accepted into respected University programs and summer programs across Canada and abroad. A large number of Jessica's students receive recognition for outstanding achievements on RCM exams, or in music festivals. Jessica is also an ARMTA and NATS member, and intends on continuing her own growth as a teacher and a musician. Jessica has taught since 2003, and maintaining a reputable music studio is important to her, as well as contributing to the future of the arts in Canada. She credits her endless source of energy and inspiration to her wonderful daughter, Eva, and incredibly supportive husband, Jeff.


Why Should I Take Music Lessons?

The benefits of taking music lessons are endless, and create life-long habits to ensure success in all areas. Some of these benefits include self-confidence, time management skills, improvisational skillscollaborationcharisma, creativity,  emotional and self-awarenessself-motivation and determination. Learning an instrument also improves learning habits and concentration abilities, and exposes students to history and culture.

Why Should I Take Music Lessons from Jessica?

Aside from being one of the most enthusiastic, positive and passionate music teachers you will ever meet, Jessica is continually striving for the best possible experience for her students. Jessica also aims for a high level of professionalism, as JL Music Studio is a fully licensed business. She treats each student as an individual and plans their lessons accordingly, therefore addressing each individual students' needs and goals, and likes to work with each student in a holistic way, by also addressing the many areas of one's lifestyle that ultimately affect the student's outcome. Jessica has a lifetime's worth of musical education, and an extensive performing background to ensure that her students receive a well-rounded musical experience, and believes in continually improving her own skills in order to evolve and grow as a musician and teacher. Above all, music is not just her hobby...it's her life and passion. Jessica feels it is her purpose to contribute to the Arts in a meaningful way by inspiring her students to discover their authentic voice, and to share their art with the community.

In Jessica's studio, you are not just "another student"; she truly cares about the experience of each student she accepts into her studio. Your individuality and personal growth matter!

Who Should Take Lessons?

Jessica is happy to meet with any person who is interested in taking voice lessons, and accepts students on an individual basis. She recommends that young potential voice students should really consider preliminary methods, which are highly recommended for students under age 10 (see note below). All backgrounds and styles of voice are welcome, although Jessica specializes in teaching classically-based singing. Beginners welcome! 

*Please note the info below regarding potential voice students ages 6-10*

What does Jessica Teach?

Jessica teaches beginner through advanced levels of voice, with each student's individual goals in mind. She regularly works with students looking to do RCM exams, festivals, auditions, as well as those who take lessons as a "serious" hobby. Throughout lessons, she emphasizes Music History concepts and Music Theory/Musicianship, as well as song interpretation, to help you get the most out of your experience and performance opportunities. If voice lessons are a priority for you, then lessons with Jessica will surely help you achieve your full musical potential!

*Potential voice students ages 10 and under: Jessica believes that PRELIMINARY MUSICIANSHIP CLASSES using methods such as Kodaly or Orff or Music for Young Children  are much more beneficial to young students in this age group than starting out with standard private voice lessons. Joining a choir is also very highly suggested! In such methods students will learn: basic musicianship skills, note reading and basic theory concepts, improvisation skills, familiarity with singing, harmonization, music appreciation and preliminary performance skills. Just as we learn to speak before we can read or write, students will learn to sing songs and make music using concepts that they will later use at an advanced level. This then develops a true love of the fun of making music which lasts a lifetime, and enables private teachers to get right into teaching the instrument rather than basic musical knowledge. Students who use this type of learning approach end up equal to or even ahead of students who started with private lessons in many areas. The student's individual progress and abilities will determine when they are able to begin private lessons. Jessica also recommends that aspiring young singers (and in fact all aspiring singers) take piano/a secondary instrument up to roughly grade 6 level or beyond, as this is a crucial skill for singers. This is a "must" in Jessica's studio. It helps singers to learn their music, reinforces musical concepts and note-reading, and also enables singers to accompany themselves on a basic level when they are away from their usual collaborative pianist or teacher. It can also, truthfully, save a lot of time, frustration and money in future learning.*


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